Easter Table

I’m a huge fan of the Easter colour scheme! I mean, there’s nothing better than a mix of gold, light pastels, whites, and creams! It’s like this holiday was meant for my home! LOL! I don’t do much around our house when it comes to actually decorating for Easter other than incorporating pillows and throws that match the colour scheme, hanging a cute banner, and placing a few bunny decorations here and there.

When it comes to Easter decorating, my main focus is on our table as that’s the prime focal point for our family dinners. I feel like at this point I have our table setting cute as ! I have my main essentials that I always include such as my gold cutlery, candles , florals, and dishes. Then from there, I add in my festive touch.

When decorating a table, I like to do it in layers! There is a method to my madness and I’m going to share those quick and easy steps with you below!

1. Plates, Bowls, Napkins, & Cutlery

I like to set out my dinner plates first around the table, then I add a cloth napkin to each setting. I then go around and put a bowl on top of each setting. After every setting has a bowl, this is when I’ll add the gold cutlery.

2. Glassware

Once every spot has a plate, napkin, bowl, and cutlery, I like to go around the table and make sure everyone has a water glass AND either a cocktail glass, wine glass, or champagne flute!

3. Candles

I love peppering my tablescape with Palm beach candles! I’ll take any votives I find around my home that I think will look good on the table and scatter them throughout the middle. I don’t worry about whether the same size or height or if they match, this helps give the table dimension.

4. Florals

Any amazing table has fresh flowers on it! Pop into Martha's to buy a big bouquet of flowers and then split up the bouquet into different size vases and bud vases. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a ton of florals from one end of the table to the other!

5. Decor

The last layer you add in is your festive touch! This means adding any Easter decor you have that will bring this table to life. This includes any alabaster eggs (you can add these to each bowl in each setting!), and Easter jars, spreaders, or bunny decor! It’s really up to you what you want to incorporate and it doesn’t have to be overbearing. Remember, less is more!